Since 1900, Carl W. Herrmann Furs has been dedicated to the fine quality, meticulous craftsmanship, varied selection, and personal attention our customers deserve. Operated by father and son through the years (and still today) we are able to bring generations of knowledge to everything we do while still keeping in line with all of the latest trends.

Real, natural animal fur has been cherished for generations… for its warmth, luxury, sophistication and its intrinsic value. So much so, that many, many furs have been passed down from one generation to the next. The same can be said of us. Carl W. Herrmann Furs is a 4th generation business helping people throughout Western Pennsylvania enjoy the style and elegance of a natural fur. Whether it’s a coat, jacket, cape, accessory or one of the newer home décor items, real fur enriches our lives while tapping into this heritage.

Much has been said of late about faux fur. In fact, many activists will argue that you don’t need a real fur when there are perfectly “passable” faux alternatives. But that is not what we sell at Herrmann Furs. We only sell real, natural fur products and use only natural materials in our outerwear like real leather, shearling, wool and cashmere. Because unlike faux alternatives, which are basically plastic – unrecyclable and destined for a landfill – our furs last decades, are ecofriendly and ultimately biodegradable. What’s more, every fur we sell is ethically and sustainably made… adhering to some of the most stringent controls for animal welfare found in any industry worldwide.

You have a choice. Fake fur, which is a synthetic and non-biodegradable, manufactured to mimic natural fur. Or real fur. Natural, eco-friendly. It’s the real deal and it lasts for decades meaning wearability over a lifetime, enabling the passing down of fur coats and accessories. So, it’s a heritage thing… just like our business.