Cleaning / Reconditioning

Have your fur cleaned every year to remove airborne particulates, dust, dirt and makeup that collects on the hairs of the fur. Day-to-day accumulation of dust and pollutants can draw the natural oils out of the pelts causing the fur to quickly dry out. As the natural oils dry out, the pelts become tender and brittle which causes rips and tears, making the garment useless.

Don’t worry if you get hairspray, makeup, perfume or food on your fur garment. Professional fur cleaning will quickly and gently remove the dirt and odor leaving the fur fresh and luxurious.

We provide a specialized fur cleaning method to carefully and safely clean and recondition your fur garments. Our trained staff will:

  • Inspect for rips, stains and missing closures
  • Carefully cover buttons to prevent chipping
  • Remove stains from lining if possible
  • Complete a final inspection

Remember, fur cleaning is not the same as dry cleaning. We have on premise materials and equipment specifically designed for the fur cleaning process and our staff has the expertise to provide the best care for your furs.

Bring your garments in for complimentary evaluation today!
Shearling and Leather Cleaning

Check your shearling and leather after every season for stains, spots or dirt. If you do not find visible stains on the leather (suede) side, your garment can be put into storage.

If there are noticeable stains on the leather (suede) side, have the garment cleaned. Cleaning shearling, leather and suede is a process unlike dry cleaning or fur cleaning and may change the color and texture of the garment. It can become very difficult to remove stains if they remain on the garment for long periods of time. For that reason, bring your garments in for an inspection and our staff can advise if cleaning is needed.
Fur Trimmed Garments

Fur trim on cloth or leather garments should be hand cleaned annually to remove dust, dirt and makeup.