Cold Storage

Cold storage plays an integral part in prolonging the longevity of your fur and shearling. Professional cold storage provides the proper temperature and humidity to prevent loss of natural oils and deterioration of the pelts. Evaporation of these essential oils slows down when garments are placed into cold storage. The more time in cold storage, the longer your fur and shearling will last.

If a coat is kept in an area with low humidity, the natural oils will evaporate quickly causing the garment to become dry and brittle. If the humidity is too high, the pelts can rot quickly.

Is it OK to store fur and shearling in a freezer? The answer is absolutely not! As the pelt freezes, it contracts, and when it thaws the pelt expands, which causes stress on every seam in the garment.

Every year we see coats with moth damage from garments improperly monitored in custom cedar closets. The only fix for moth damage is pelt replacement which is an extremely expensive repair. Adding moth balls to home storage is never recommended because the fur and lining absorb the odor and is nearly impossible to remove.

As a rule, it’s time to store your garments when it’s too warm to wear them. Our on-premise storage gives you easy accessibility when the weather suddenly turns cold. Cold storage is fast, it’s easy and it’s one of the most important elements of fur and shearling care.